who we work with

Rural livelihoods

Sub Segment
Affordable micro credit

Year Founded

Ram NK, Smita Ram


Area of operations
Pan India

RangDe Background

RangDe aims to reach out and serve under-served communities by providing them with affordable micro credit. RangDe uses a path breaking peer to peer approach to match social investors with needy rural entrepreneurs thus leading to a positive spiral of financial inclusion, sustainable livelihoods and empowerment. RangDe’s platform offers a transparent and effective platform to create widespread impact through its network of field partners.


RangDe Differentiators

  • A path breaking idea to address the problem of affordable micro credit
  • An operating model that focusses on and ensures sustainability and growth
  • Solid, credible technology enablers to ensure transparency and efficacy
  • A strong team led by the founder, Ram NK(Ashoka Fellow in 2012)


Bay Diligence Support

  • Bay Diligence has supported 31 women entrepreneurs in Maharashtra
  • Bay Diligence also supports a womens’ co-operative, Charaka, engaged in the manufacture of naturally dyed hand woven fabrics which empowers 300 women in rural Karnataka
  • Bay Diligence is engaging with RangDe strategically on their plans for growth in the future


RangDe reach and impact

  • Currently operational in 14 states in India through 21 field partners
  • Rs 21.5 crores of loans provided covering 286 different business activities
  • Repayment rate of 94.2% with a delinquency rate of less than 0.5%
  • 30,000 borrowers impacted cumulatively, 95% of whom are women entrepreneurs