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Light of Life Background

Light of Life is an established organisation with a core focus on programmes that target children and their education and empowerment. The flagship "Anando" programme along with its affiliate programmes that seek to Educate-Empower and provide Employability options to children from under-privileged backgrounds has proven to be highly successful.

Light of Life has now used the experience and success from its interventions to launch a new programme called the Anando National Education Programme using a holistic approach to undertake an integrated school development programme with school authorities and teachers with school teachers being the primary catalysts to bring about transformations.


Light of Life Differentiators

  • Proven track record of success in its programmes spanning several years
  • Holistic approach to transforming the school system using teachers as the key agents of change
  • Deep community level engagement along with the support of local government authorities
  • A strong organisation with a motivated team to drive and support the expansion


Bay Diligence Support

  • Bay Diligence’s support extends to 5 schools in 6 villages in Karjat Taluka in rural Maharashtra.
  • The support relates to impacting 620 children between Class VII and Class X and covering 24 teachers in these schools.

Bay Diligence’s support seeks to ensure that teachers become the epicentre of change, thus impacting learning outcomes, ensuring retention in schools (thereby reducing drop-out rates) and ensuring that children complete their studies at least till Class X.


Light of Life’s reach and impact

The flagship Anandoprogramme , out of which the National Education Programme is derived has been operational in 426 villages in Maharashtra, cumulatively affecting 5000 beneficiaries in 5 districts.

The holistic approach has led to significant changes:

  • Parents have become involved as active volunteers and there is an increase in parent support of girls education
  • A larger proportion of students have either joined colleges in different streams or vocational training institutes
  • Some of the students have come back to the organization as teachers & social workers to create a ripple effect of impact