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Sub Segment
Primary education for the girl child

Year Founded

Rajesh Singhi


Area of operations

Ibtada Background

Ibtada’s work is around strengthening rural communities especially via empowering women and children through education of the girl child and through the creation of women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs). Ibtada currently runs multiple programmes focussing on the broad sphere of women’s empowerment. The taleemshala or village learning centre programme for the girl child has helped thousands of girls to receive primary school education in their villages in a safe, secure and joyful environment.


Ibtada Differentiators

  • Singular focus on education of the girl child given the specific challenges in the region
  • The multi-class, multi-level learning centres provide an environment for girls to learn at their own pace without any fear or pressure.
  • Deep community level engagement to ensure efficacy of the programme


Bay Diligence Support

  • Bay Diligence has supported 5 centres in rural Rajasthan, around Alwar
  • The support extends to 144 girls across 5 villages studying between Classes I to V


Ibtada’s reach and impact

  • Currently operational in 6 blocks spanning 350 villages in Rajasthan
  • Ibtada through its livelihoods programme has helped set up 800 Self Help Groups and 5 federations
  • 50 learning centres currently operational impacting 1500 girls