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Gyan Prakash Background

Gyan Prakash Foundation ("GP") was established in 2011 to address the gaps in the quality of learning and the backwardness of learning outcomes across Government schools. Gyan Prakash seeks to improve the quality of learning through methods that inculcate the "joy of learning", threby raising retention parameter and impacting learning outcomes within existing Government frameworks. Gyan Prakash works with children in the age group of 6-14 years.


Gyan Prakash Differentiators

  • Specific focus on an asset light, frugal model operating within existing institutions and frameworks
  • Holistic approach to transforming the school system using "5 key levels of change"
  • Deep community level engagement to ensure efficacy of the programme
  • Unique bottom up approach by engaging with local level government authorities
  • Highly professional Founder and a strong operating team
  • Highly pedigreed board of trustees to provide strategic focus and direction


Bay Diligence Support

  • Bay Diligence has supported 2 centres in rural Maharashtra in Velhe block
  • The support relates to the expansion of the programme into a new block and is expected to cover 350 children studying in local aanganwaadis and the Zilla Prishad schools

Bay Diligence is actively engaged with the Founder on issues covering strategies for growth, fund raising, long term sustainability alternatives and on organisational building.

The Founder of Bay Diligence sits on the Advisory Council of Gyan Prakash Foundation.


Gyan Prakash’s reach and impact

Though nascent, Gyan Prakash’s programme has crossed the proof of concept stage for its effective model of social change thus leading to an expansion into a new block in Maharashtra. Gyan Prakash aims to cover 50-60 schools in 8-10 clusters impacting close to 10,000 children within the next 4 years.